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Single needle (NOT a pair!)

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Important!  Please read the following completely and carefully!  Please order this product only if you want ONE needle--not a PAIR of needles.  Please click here for PAIRS of needles.  NOTE: in 2007 we resized several of our needle sizes to exact millimeter dimensions.  The #6s got slightly smaller, while the #9s through #11s all got slightly bigger.  At the same time we redid the tapers on the #13s and 15s.  We no longer have stock of the original pre-2007 needles, so if you're trying to replace one of those the best thing to do is to order a pair of the resized ones instead.  If you are unsure which needles your kit has, here is how to tell the difference:  The pre-2007 kits have only US sizing numbers molded into the white inner trays of the cases.  The resized, post-2007 kits have both the US sizing numbers and the mm sizes molded into the white inner trays.  If there is any doubt about what you need, please feel free to contact us.


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