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Blocking and Ironing Mat

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This 100% wool ironing mat made in the USA is perfect for blocking small projects.  Available in two sizes (each 1/2-inch thick), it is also excellent for ironing quilting or other sewing projects or small garments without having to pull out an ironing board!

  • Keep the shape of your project pieces better than on a standard ironing surface. The wool fibers grip fabric to minimize distortion. For even more precision, pin your project or garment directly to the pad for easy blocking.
  • Iron faster and flip less because heat is retained in the ironing pad – it’s like ironing from both sides at the same time!
  • Easily pack your ironing pad along in a suitcase or sewing/craft tote for a portable ironing station.
  • Use on tabletops, ironing boards, or other surfaces. Please note that steam transfers well through the mat, and so does high heat. We suggest putting a folded towel under the mat when working on surfaces that could be damaged by heat or steam.
  • 100% wool ironing mat, made in the USA.

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