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Yarn Swift

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This swift is virtually identical to the first one Linda bought back in the '80s.  As a child, I got to help wind freshly spun and plied yarn onto the swift for washing or dyeing in skein form, then from the swift onto a ball winder when it was time to knit.  There are few things more satisfying than having simple tools that make a job easier (and more fun)! 

LACIS-Umbrella Swift Yarn Winder is made of durable plastic and metal.  It opens and closes like an umbrella and in the closed position pops into the handy reusable storage case. The purpose of this tool is for supporting skeins of yarns of various sizes for winding and balling off hanks of yarn. It has a table clamp with twist screws to hold it in place and spins freely as you wind your skeins on your yarn ball winder (not included). For use with yarn hanks up to a 60 inch circumference. Integral handle permits use as a winder, adjustable clamp permits vertical, horizontal, or angled operation. Imported.

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