• Denise 2go for crochet, pastels

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We love our knitting set of Denise2Go so much that we wanted one for crochet as well! This set is just as portable and pretty. Great for traditional crochet and superb for Tunisian crochet! The hook sizes are chosen for working Tunisian crochet projects in yarns from lace weight up to chunky weight.

The stylish case, hand-sewn from designer cottons, contains:

  •     6 crochet hooks, H8/5mm to M13/9mm
  •     4 cords: 3", 5", 9" and 14" (7.5 to 35cm) for Tunisian hooks from 8” to 19” (20 to 48cm) or up to 28” (71cm) with cords joined together -- in colors that coordinate with the case
  •     2 end buttons and 1 extender

Available in two patters:

  •     Coral and teal print case (with secret frogs hiding among the foliage!) with gray hooks and teal cords.
  •     Blue and purple print case with light green, pink and lavender hooks, along with cords in those same colors.

Two great options, both are fully interchangeable with all other Denise knitting and crochet tools, and both hand sewn and entirely made in the US.  Palm-sized and perfect for travel.

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